Winners of the Painting and Composition Competition about “Conquest of İstanbul and Panorama 1453” are announced.

Winners of the Painting and Composition Competition about “Conquest of İstanbul and Panorama 1453” are announced.

The awards ceremony of the “Conquest of İstanbul and Panorama 1453" painting and composition contest, organized by IBB Kültür A.Ş with the Istanbul Provincial Directorate of National Education, was held on 29 May at Panorama 1453 History Museum.

Along with many other guests, Istanbul Provincial Director of National Education Ömer Faruk Yelkenci, IBB Kültür A.Ş General Manager Kemal Kaptaner and Kültür A.Ş  officials attended the award ceremony.

Paintings that were awarded and chosen to be exhibited in the painting and composition competition are announced in the ceremony attended by the students, teachers, and parents.

Conquest painting is given as a gift to two visitors.

Other surprises were also prepared for Panorama 1453 History Museum visitors. On Tuesday, May 29, in honor of the year 1453 that Fatih conquered the heralded city and the 565th year anniversary of the Conquest two visitors; 565th visitor Vildan Hakim and 1453rd visitor an Indonesian citizen named Akbar Mevlana, were presented the conquest painting.

As part of the celebrations, everyone who visits the museum all day long will be presented with a "souvenir money" that has the tughra of Fatih on one side and silhouette of the museum on the other side.

İBB Kültür A.Ş General Manager Kemal Kaptaner gave a speech before the award ceremony and said “  It is a very meaningful and very valuable memory to make this ceremony under the roof of the Panorama 1453 Museum in a very meaningful place while remembering the Conquest of İstanbul. It is an unforgettable memory especially for all students who have won a prize today. Of course, we will reward our students who draw beautiful paintings and wrote beautiful compositions today. However, the awareness that they gained by participating in this competition is more important. It is important that they sense the concept of conquest and conqueror more closely. Therefore, our aim is not only to reward their talents with such competitions but also to engrave to their young mind the subject and the concept of conquest.” Mr. Kaptaner, said “I hope that our children will be a Fatih in the future”,  finished his words by thanking all who worked for the organization and the education community.

Following the speech of Kemal Kaptaner, General Manager of Kültür A.Ş, Istanbul Provincial National Education Director Ömer Faruk Yelkenci began his speech by saluting the guests who participated in this important event that has been organized for the 7th time. Having said that he is very happy about being there and that he thanks all the employees and managers of Kültür A.Ş. who have worked in this important organization, he said; “Conquest is not just about conquering a city. In order to be able to conquer, it is necessary to make a great moral, spiritual and scientific preparation beforehand. When you set a target on your mind; you need to know that you have to be ready morally, spiritually and scientifically.

At Panorama 1453 History Museum, the exhibits offered at the likes of the visitors will be open to all the museum guests.

The names and schools of the students who enter the competition are as follows:


1. Sena Ayan / Alparslan Ortaokulu

2. Fatih Kaya / Bülent Ecevit Ortaokulu

3. Melis AYCI / Ferda ve Turan Takmaz İho

Mention - Şahin Okumuş / Çeliktepe Ortaokulu

Mention - Esmanur Orhan / Vakıflar Ortaokulu

Mention - Dilara Aykanlı / Şehit Sait Ertürk Ortaokulu

Mention - Tursunay Mamajonava / Çeliktepe Ortaokulu

Mention -  Kerem Türkmen / Yeşilbağ Adnan Ötügen Ortaokulu


1. İrem Murat / Füsun Yönder Anadolu Lisesi

2. Yusuf Güneş / İhsan Mermerci Anadolu Lisesi

3. İsmail Altun / Ümraniye Atatürk Mtal.

Mention / Dilara Buluşman / Erenköy Kız Anadolu Lisesi

Mention  / Yusuf Kadri Taşkın / Şehit Mehmet Güder Anadolu İHL

Mention / Gizem Kezek / Çatalca Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi

Mention / Dilara Ay / Güngören İTO Kız Anadolu Lisesi

Mention / Fatma Zehra Büyüksarı / Galata Kız Anadolu İHL