Turkish world representatitives met at iftar held by Kültür AŞ

Turkish world representatitives met at iftar held by Kültür AŞ

The representatives of the Turkish world came together in behalf of İstanbul Büyükşehir Belediyesi Kültür AŞ’ s conventional/ traditionalized Türk Dünyası İftar Buluşmaları (Turkish World Iftar Meetings). ( iftar: the evening meal during Ramadan)

Since 2009, iftars that are held in Topkapı Türk Dünyası (Topkapi Turkish World) became a tradition and this year the 9th was held by the General Manager of İBB Kültür AŞ, Kemal Kaptaner

Turkish World Iftar Meeting was held at Topkapı Türk Dünyası Kültür Mahallesi.

Consul general of Kyrgyzstan Erkin Sapakov, consul of Kazakhstan Serjan Sarsenbayevi, consul of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Cahit Kayıarslan, Tatarstan Turkish representative Airat Gataullın, consul general of Tajikistan Mizrobiddin Safarov, Turkish world municipality union general secretary Fahri Solak, Avrasya Turkish Society Federation's deputy chairman Savaş Avcı and representatives from the association were guests.

The general manager of Kültür AŞ Kemal Kaptaner gave a speech during the iftar and said: ‘ We are delighted to have you here tonight, thank you for accepting our invitation to join us. It’s been five months since I’ve been appointed to be the general manager of Kültür AŞ and during this time we had many events with the Turkish world theme. Each and every one of them was important, and I hope that we will continue to meet at future events. It is very peaceful to get together in this blessing month and I would like to wish you all a good holidays.’