“II. Abdülhamid Hân’ın Dersaadeti” Event Took Place

“II. Abdülhamid Hân’ın Dersaadeti” Event Took Place

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Kültür A.Ş organized an event named "II. Abdülhamid Hân Dersaadeti " to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Abdülhamid Khan's death. Approximately 52 dynasty members from France, England, Germany, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Austria, and Mexico participated in the conference that took place The Ottoman Archives Department. İBB Kültür A.Ş General Manager Kemal Kaptaner talked at the opening. He said that Sultan Abdulhamid the 2nd was one of the most distinguished s

Organized in the conference hall of the Ottoman Archives Department, the event “'Sultan II. Abdülhamid Hân’ın Dersaadeti'' started with the reading of Holly Quran . After the reading participants watched the documentary of " Sultan II. Abdulhamid Hân's Dersaadeti”.

Kemal Kaptaner, General Manager of IBB Kültür AŞ, who made the opening speech of the event, said that Sultan Abdulhamid the 2nd, who was the emperor of the Ottoman Empire for 33 years was one of the most distinguished statesmen who influenced the world politics.

Indıcating that Abdülhamid Khan had a tough struggle with Düvel-i Muazzama, Mr. Kaptaner said, "He was an emperor who managed to keep the country stable despite many coups in and out caused by the Eastern Question and with the Russian and Greek wars going on. It hasn’t been possible for many years to get to know Sultan with his true identity because of the sarcastic debates about him, but in recent years the younger generations have started to actually learn about him. "

Works and projects of Abdülhamid Khan the 2nd went beyond time


Kemal Kaptaner emphasized that Abdülhamid Hân wanted to feature the development of the country rather than the political debates, and said, “With all his reform efforts he tried to catch contemporary civilization. The works and projects that he presented have been so wonderful that they moved beyond time and brought a historical consciousness and identity that still excites nations and states. Abdulhamid Khan has always been a supporter of going forward. The schools that he opened, the factories and establishments that he founded, the land and railways he built has brought contemporary civilization to the State.

Thanks to the support of President Erdogan

  1. Cemil (Jamil) Adra, grandson of Abdulhamid Kân from the fourth generation emphasized that the meeting occurred thanks to the request, will, determination and support of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. He said, "I thank him sincerely. Let's tell all the true facts. Mr. President has always worked for the rapprochement of Turkey and the Ottoman family for more than 15 years, in an atmosphere of mutual trust. We will never forget this”

Nurhan Osmanoğlu, the 4th generation granddaughter of Sultan Abdülhamid Khan, highlighted that the close attention shown by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan towards the Ottoman history and especially towards Abdulhamid Khan the 2nd sets an example of how to claim history to new generations.

The event continued with an award ceremony for those photographers who ranked among top tree on "Sultan II. Abdulhamid Hân's Dersaadeti Photo Marathon " which was held on January 28. İBB Kültür A.Ş General Manager Kemal Kaptaner presented his prize to İsa Cida, who was the winner with his photograph of Sirkeci Train Station. 30 photographs that were chosen in the competition, can be seen in the building of the General Directorate of Ottoman Archives until 15 February.

The conference had two sessions which started at 13.30 and Prof. Dr. Vahdettin Engin was the moderator.

In the first session named Reconstruction, Education, Health and Social Policies in Sultan II. Abdülhamid Hân’s Dersaadet, Istanbul University faculty member Prof. Dr. Nil Sarı and Prof. Dr. Cezmi Eraslan, president of TAÇ Vakfi Başkanı Dr. Sinan Genim and 
Istanbul Provincial Director of National Education Ömer Faruk Yelkenci gave a speech.

In the second session, rector of National Defense University Dr. Erhan Afyoncu, director of Prime Ministry of State Archives Dr. Prof. Uğur Ünal and a faculty member from of Istanbul Medeniyet University Dr. Tarkan Oktay talked about Sultan II. Abdülhamid Khân's political, cultural and administrative policies in “Dersaadeti”

The event ended with a speech from Sultan II. Abdülhamid Khân’s fourth generation grandson Kayıhan Osmanoğlu.