Hediyem Istanbul 4th Illustration Competition awards has found their owners.

Hediyem Istanbul 4th Illustration Competition awards has found their owners.

Hediyem Istanbul 4th Illustration Competition, held by IBB Kültür A.Ş, has awarded the winners. Those who ranked in the 4th Hediyem Istanbul Illustration Competition received their prizes.

The brand ‘Hediyem Istanbul’, initiated to design and produce souvenirs with Istanbul theme by Kültür AŞ. This year the winners of the competition got their awards with a ceremony held at Cemal Reşit Rey Concert Hall.

Kültür AŞ General Manager Kemal Kaptaner gave a speech at the opening ceremony and told that people can express themselves not only by words but also with music and art.

Mr. Kaptaner mentioned that in history, long after cave paintings, the invention of paper led people to pass their ideas on to paper. He told ‘before the invention of paper, we found figures and designs on walls, tablets and on marbles in many ancient civilizations.’

Mr. Kaptaner added that miniature art form arose in the need for documentation in the Turkish civilization. And he told ‘when we look at Matrakçı Nasuh’s work, we can see many details about the Ottoman history in his miniature work. Nusret Çolpan is one of the few artists who carried on the miniature tradition to present days.’

Mr. Kaptaner gave the following information about the Hediyem Istanbul brand:  ‘Hediyem Istanbul is a collection of items that symbolize Istanbul’s history, culture, traditions. The items can be a mug, a glass, a notebook or a pencil. We want these items to have elegant designs and illustrations so that both local and international tourists can take home as souvenirs from Istanbul with great pleasure.’

Election board of the competition was Talha Yılmaz, Aydın Süleymanzade, Ahmet Şevki Ural, Feyza Eryüksel.  Among the jurors of the competition was Yrd. Doç. Dr. Savaş Çevik, alongside with painter and illustrator, Necmettin Asma and Sedat Girgin.

First place was awarded to Mustafa Alcan with this work named ‘Minimal Istanbul’. Second place was given to Erhan Dursun for his work ‘Bir Yudum Istanbul’ and finally, the third place was awarded to  Sevda Kaçtı for her work ‘Kalbim Istanbul’.

Honorable mentions went to Batuhan Bayrak, Deniz Yıldırım, Ahmet Hamdi Levent and Aytaç Öztürk.